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-- Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Burned out?

-- Struggling with mental health symptoms that haven't resolved with conventional medicine?

-- Worried you will never feel like your normal self again?

-- Feeling trapped by the endless trade-offs between career and family?

-- Concerned that your mental health struggles will have a negative effect on your career, your family, and your relationships?

-- Feeling exhausted and lacking the energy to do things that are meaningful, important, and enjoyable?

-- Finding it difficult to make decisions about things that matter to you?

-- Feeling disconnected from the people around you, even those you love most?


We help busy women overcome their mental health struggles so that they can get their lives back.

SynerGenius Telepresence offers comprehensive solutions for mental health and stress management, delivered directly to where you are via safe, secure teleconference technology.

At SynerGenius Telepresence, we help you combine the best of both conventional and alternative therapies into a holistic, individualized treatment approach for your unique emotional challenges.



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